Monday, January 11, 2010

A "New" Creation
God said that the old has passed away, and now I am a new creation, completely new - created to serve a different purpose. It is a challenging thought, and amazing to BE a new creation. There is nothing completely "new" these days, we simply take old ideas, vintage pieces and remake them into newer versions of the old. 
        The Karen and Kate class starts today, and we are attempting to reinvent the old as well as create something new. We are taking pieces of clothing we found at the Salvation Army or in the back of our closets, and altering them till we have something cool and contemporary to wear. We are also focusing on making simple sewing projects to screenprint on. And hopefully through this class, I will learn to be a better blogger, and not wait an entire year between posts. Coming soon should be photos of my design ideas, the process, and finished products! I am so glad I have a Creator to imitate, who has given me a deep instinct...and deep desire to create, to attempt to create something new.

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