Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Every once in a blue moon, I get the itch to write on my blog. Maybe someday when I'm not such a young wipper-snapper and I have more of a routine and simple life I will find the serenity to actually sit and write, and think over things more thoroughly.

It's a rainy day today, and normally these sort of days make me feel gloomy, but I am welcoming a day to stay inside and work on some things. I am pretty much out of groceries though. I have been putting off that task for some reason, and the smoothie I just made really showed how little I had in my fridge. But somehow, it is delicioussssssssss. I am out of milk, so instead I substituted a bit of an odwalla smoothie I had left in the fridge, some chobani strawberry-banana yogurt and a little bit of blueberry yogurt. The fruit I put in was a champagne mango, my last banana, a handful of blueberries, and a couple strawberries. And this smoothie is yummy!

Today if Addie is a content little toddler, I am going to work on these fabric flowers my friend who asked me to make them for her wedding. They mimic peonies, about 6 inches across, and I have had a lot of fun making them. I need to make as many as possible, so I have to get workin' because the wedding is July 9th! I am making them in berry and neutral tones in plain cotton, and I think they will turn out lovely. I think I have a photo of the first couple I made for her bridal shower!

the first step was to cut a bunch of long scalloped strips, gather them up and just start stitching them onto round pieces of felt for the petals

And here is the first one I made
I am pretty excited about how they turned out! The flowers are going to be attached to frilly fabric garlands on the walls of the barn where the reception will be held. I can't wait to see it!

Alright, enjoy this rainy day, do some thinking, work on a much procrastinated project, and have a great time!