Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello! I must say, that it has really been too long since I have posted on this blog. Lately though, I have thought blogs are such a wonderful way to share our thoughts, inspiration, fun and useful things, and especially encouragement. I don't presume that I will be a super-blogger who can post everyday, and magically crank out genius projects, but perhaps I can contribute a little in the near future. First of all, I would like to introduce you to my daughter, who just turned 1 year old this weekend, and who makes my life mostly smiles and laughter. I love her. Here she is:

This is Adelaide, whom we call Addie-girl, fondly. This is on her first birthday wearing her first princess dress ever, which I am proud to say that I made. (it took me forever! haha)
Recently I found a new blog, and came across this little survey. I filled it out for myself, and just so you can get to know me a bit, decided to share it in here! It was so much fun to fill in, and I think you will enjoy it if you do. :) Have fun!

Making : a princess dress for my little Adelaide

Cooking : old country potatoes…yum.

Drinking : French press dark roast coffee

Reading: Chemistry textbook J that’s all the time I have for reading.

Wanting: a great vintage bathing suit

Looking: for a new place to live

Playing: “I’m gonna get you” with Addie (I chase her, plain and simple, and she loves it)

Wasting: bent pins…I really could straighten them, I have done it before

Sewing: diaper covers by for Adelaide

Wishing: my sinuses would clear up

Enjoying: Addie’s smiles and laughs each day

Waiting: for Spring to really start

Liking: my half-marathon training schedule.

Wondering: If I have what it takes to run a half-marathon.

Loving: that Addie pats my back when I pat her back right before naptime

Hoping: my hair appointment on Friday gives me a great new short haircut that I love

Marvelling: at how quickly this first year of Addie’s life has passed, and how wonderful it has been.

Needing: the sun to come out

Smelling: Addie’s hair

Wearing: just jeans and a fitted tee

Following: the Biggest Loser

Noticing: I am really bad at getting the laundry folded

Knowing: my husband is awesome

Thinking: about how to hit these curveballs in life that have come my way recently

Bookmarking: sewing/knitting blogs. There are so many wonderful ones and they are so inspiring to me!

Opening: the circular to find some grocery deals

Giggling: about how Addie dances

Feeling: excited, and yet a little overwhelmed

Hope you enjoyed this and get the time to fill it out for yourself!